Real Powdered Urine – 100% Guarantee To Pass Drug Test

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If you are in a situation where you need to pass a urine drug test on short notice, you know that it could prove to have bad outcomes if your urine does not come up free of any drugs or alcohol.


Well, avoiding all of those substances which can make your results bad is the best possible way of passing these drug tests but if you are in the situation where you are given terse notice, and you know that you can’t remove all of these contents from your system.

Real powdered Urine

What is Powdered Urine?

A lot of individuals go for powdered urine when they require a quality sample that can quickly clear up the test; powdered urine allows them to get the results they want for retaining their job or any other need. Unlike, the synthetic urine which is artificial, powdered urine is a kind of real urine, to be more specific, it is just real dehydrated urine, so it is guaranteed that you will pass the drug test if you make use of powdered urine without even giving any indication that you have given a sample of fake urine.

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There is nothing that can trigger an alert during the drug test when you are utilizing the powdered version of urine because you are using a real sample of urine. Powdered urine not just helps in hiding any type of drug usage but it also using this actual urine in powdered form can assist you in hiding other health issues, those which you do not wish your prospective employer to know. The reason why powdered urine is the most used by during the drug test is that it is made from an actual sample. Hence it is similar to a real live sample in every aspect.

powdered urine test kit

But for using this method of passing a drug test you need to be a bit tricky according to the situation you are in, For example, if you are going to be supervised at the time of giving the sample, then you might need to be a bit sneaky.

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There are cases where an individual has used powdered urine by mixing it priory and storing it in a bottle and use it in discreetly under their clothes. If you slip the solution into the specimen cup, your chances of passing the drug test without any consciousness increase a lot.

Why do people use Real Powdered Urine?

As already mentioned above, powdered urine is widely utilized by a lot of individuals to avoid drugs and medicine detection.

The reason behind their popularity is their ease of use to escape urine drug test. A lot of companies need their applicants and employees to pass a drug test before finally hiring them.

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Several jobs such as truck driver or air traffic control workers are needed to have healthy and fit individuals, so every employer make it a vital step to pass the drug test before the job confirmation.

Sometimes protective parents also ask their kids to conduct a drug test to make sure they are not abusing any drug or alcohol.

The drug content can easily be traced in urine for more than two months, so the only way to pass this any drug test on short notice is only through the synthetic urine.

Does Powdered Urine work?

Powdered urine will have the same result as that of natural urine.

You will get the same medical results as the natural urine by using the dehydrated, powdered one. By using powdered urine you are sure to pass the medical drug tests, you only need to make sure that the urine you are using does not have any adulterants as the presence of adulterants does not give precise results.

Here are a few things that you should look out for to check whether the urine is fake or natural and adulterated:

Specific gravity the specific gravity of natural urine ranges from 1.005 – 1.030.

PH: Natural pH of natural urine ranges from 4.6 – 8 pH

Urea: You should check that the powdered urine you are using does contain Urea in it because it is natural content which is present in urine.

Organoleptics:  Your fake urine should give off the same odour and colour as the natural urine.

Temperature:  When you reconstituted, the powdered urine must have a temperature ranging between 32-38 degrees to pass any adulteration tests because when urinated urine will be warm.

Success Rate

Since the powdered urine is just the natural one dehydrated to make it in powdered form, it provides the user with the same results as the natural one. The calibrating machine precisely determines the results of the test. In the adulterated lab’s usage of dehydrated urine is not detected.

Why using powdered urine is the best way of passing a drug test?

Powdered urine is sure to provide you with positive results because it is made from the dehydrated drug-free natural urine. The urine is prepared and put up for sale while retaining all of its natural properties, which produces the exact results as the natural urine in the calibrated machine. Since it can’t be detected in the adulterated labs, it is a highly efficient and safe method for passing a drug taste.

There are several other methods of passing the drug test, such as detoxifying methods. The detoxifying methods aren’t that specific, and there are dangers of getting a positive result in the drug test because sometimes they are enabled to thoroughly flush out the whole drug content from your system, especially if you are consuming such drugs or alcohol as a regular basis. That is why there’s always a danger of getting found out in the lab test.

But similar to any other means, stopping positive result in the drug test via powdered urine is also not entirely sure. It is not the fault of the urine itself but due to the mistake of the user, For example, most of the times consumer fail to mix the powder as per the given directions. Each brand of powdered urine has an instructional guide on their package the assist one to blend the water and urine perfectly to ensure good results completely.

Sometimes you might also be under watchful eyes when giving the urine sample. If you are in this position, then you might need to give up on the plan of utilising powdered urine. You can also attempt a tricky route and use it without anyone finding us, but it is an extremely risky way and needs tenacity and expertise.

If you know how you are going to be tested, genuine powdered urine is the most sure-fire and easiest way to pass the drug test perfectly.

Tips and tricks to use dehydrated urine

So, now that you understand everything there is to know about the powdered urine and everything that it entails from a chemical point of view, so here is a quick guide on how you can practically use it.

As mentioned above, different products from different brands have different processes of using it; they usually follow the one similar principal. So here we are going to explain a simple and general way of using it.

  • Before the 45 min- 1 hour of your experiment, blend the given powder with the room temperature water and stick the given vial on the opposite side of the temperature strip.
  • When you mix it, the powdered urine will smell, look and behaves the same as natural drug-free human urine. Most of the powdered urine kits provide you with everything you need such as a 50-Ml plastic medical vial, heather that is functional up to 6 hours, a temperature strip and an instruction guide that consists of tops and hints.

So that is pretty much all you need to do just follow the instruction given in the template, and you will be all set to pass the urine drug test perfectly.


Can Powdered Urine be detected?

As we have already mentioned above, powdered urine cannot be detected as long as it is used in the manner it is supposed to be. If you use it right then, there is no chance of getting found out. So, if you do not want to face the consequence of positive test results in the lab drug test carefully follow the give guidelines, and you will be all set to pass the drug test.

Can labs tell the difference between real and synthetic urine?

There’re several advantages of utilizing powdered urine over a synthetic urine kit. Well, making use of synthetic urine can be a dangerous thing to do since it is prepared with a blend of chemicals which can be easily detected in several drug test settings. That is why; we strongly recommend that you choose powdered urine for clearing a drug test.

Every synthetic seller claims that synthetic urine is the ideal method for ensuring that you are not tested positive for any drugs. That was true, not too long ago but nowadays several labs took special care to discover the usage of synthetic urine so to answer the concerned question, yes, Labs can quickly tell the difference between synthetic and natural urine.

Does powdered urine smell like real urine?

Since it is prepared by dehydrating the natural human urine, any powdered urine when utilized smells and behaves like any natural and real urine. You just need to make sure that the temperature of the urine remains at regular room temperature, and it will appear to be real urine.

How long does urine stay good for a drug test?

It all depends on the drug content in your body, but if you are using powdered urine, it usually lasts for 3-4 hours. So make sure you set everything up before the test.

Can frozen urine be detected?

One of the oldest methods of passing any urine drug test is freezing the urine, and it is also the most easily caught idea too. The pH balance of the urine changes when the water of your urine is frozen, and yes, it can be easily detected by any lab. Well, most of the companies will make you provide the sample on the spot, so it is not feasible either way.

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