Guide on Passing Employment Drug Test With powdered Urine Kit

So, in order to get your dream work you need to clear a drug test or you might lose this once in a lifetime opportunity? Well, now a day’s almost every business conducts some form of drug analysis on fresh candidates and their existing workers. Drug testing process and The reason for conducting such analysis varies from one company to other; some companies conduct these tests to make sure their output is not getting interrupted due to the abuse of any type of illicit drug by their workers, while some make it a condition of employment.

Guide on Passing Employment Drug Test

So, our main question is how can you pass the test if you receive of short notice for it and natural detoxification is not an option for you? Well, one clear way to make sure you don’t fail on this test by not having alcohol or drugs in your system. There are several drugs, including marijuana, whose residue might show in drug tests even after weeks of its consumption or usage.

Clear the employement drug test

Here are some details on how long different alcohol and drugs show up on drug testing:

  • Alcohol –Twelve to forty-eight hours
  • Barbiturates – One to Three Weeks
  • Amphetamines – Two to Three days
  • Benzodiazepines – One to Four days
  • Heroin (Opiates) – One to Three days
  • Crack (Cocaine) – Two to Three days
  • Marijuana –If consumed on a casual basis it stays in the system for almost a week; in case of severe use it can be detected even after several weeks
  • Methamphetamine – Two to Three days
  • Phencyclidine (PCP) – One to Two weeks
  • Methadone – One to Three days


The easiest way of clearing the employment drug test

So, for passing this test one thing that you can do is stop taking these drugs before the test on the basis to the above mentioned time, this is only possible if you get prior notice of the test. But if you do not get your notice early enough to remove the drug and alcohol content from your body, then you can make use of powdered urine to pass this test. Most of the pre Employment drug tests are conducted in the form of a urine test, and if you are consuming any alcohol or drug, then using Powdered Urine is an excellent way of passing this test.

Powdered urine is made from 100% natural and drug-free human urine. To turn the urine sample in powdered form, it is dehydrated with the help of a dehydrator. It is an excellent tool for clearing an employment drug test even if you are consuming it regularly. A powdered urine pack comes with it its entire kit that helps you to keep the temperature of the urine in its ideal state after turning it back to liquid form. It looks, acts and smells like natural urine, and since it is just real urine, it is not detected in Lab tests. So, might face some issues with this method if there is a supervisor for collecting your sample, but you can be a bit tricky and use the kit that comes along with it to replace the powdered urine with yours.

Powdered urine kit usually includes a heater strip which you can wrap around your waist after filling it with dehydrated powdered urine this strip also has its temperature strip to keep its temperature natural between the ranges of 30-38 Degree Celsius.

There are many different powdered urine brands available in the market which you can easily purchase online; these synthetic and powdered urine are the most reliable method of passing any Urine drug test. There are no chances of getting busted when you successfully send the sample of powdered urine instead of yours; it is undetectable.

So, if you got enough information and can clarify that your office or company is going to conduct a urine drug test, then make sure to purchase your real human powdered urine beforehand.

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