How To Pass Urine Drug Test Using Real Powdered Or Synthetic Urine

A lot of individuals at least once in their life come across a situation where they need to take a drug test. It can be due to a job, fitness sport, or any other reason. And there have been a lot of them that have had to educate them on how to pass Urine drug test on short notice.

If you are also facing such situation and looking for a way to pass your drug test then here are some of the methods which you can use for passing a urine test without getting caught:

Go the natural way of detoxing

If you got a prior notice regarding your urine drug test at your workplace, and have sufficient time, then detoxing your system by using natural methods is the possible thing you can do. If you have around 30-35 days before the drug test, then you can easily pass this test by merely avoiding the consumption of drugs or alcohol and cleaning your system by drinking plenty of exercise and water. For flushing out the unwanted contents from your system water is ideal and for burning body fat where some of the undesired content is stored, exercise is the thing for you. And to sweat out all of the toxins from your body you can also go for a sauna bath before the actual test. Although, there are no studies that back this sauna trick, it is still a great thing to do as it helps you relax a lot.

how to pass urine drug test

There are plenty of foods that can help you detox your body naturally to pass the urine test efficiently. Stop the consumption of sugar and junk food, shift your diet towards healthy eating habits and start consuming veggies, fruits, and lean protein sources. Consuming a B-complex vitamin supplement also helps with fat metabolism.

Use Detox Drinks

If you didn’t get a prior notice for your urine test and do not have enough time to detox your system naturally then there’s always an option of going for detox drinks. Most of these detox drinks are prepared to remove weed contents from your body quickly, making it the most viable choice for those who do not have 30-45 days. Well, the thing is not all of these detox drinks does what it claims. Do they work? They do in some cases and in other not that much.

There are plenty of great detox drinks that you could check out, always make sure to check their reviews before purchasing. Or read guide to pass employment drug test here.

Use someone else’s sample urine

There is also an option of taking urine samples from a friend who does not smoke. Well, if you are in touch with someone who does not smokes or abuses any drugs, then you are in luck. Going for this method can prove to be a bit tricky; for this, you need to tape the pouch of a fake urine sample in your leg and change it for your urine. If the temperature of the urine is between 32-38 Degrees and the test isn’t supervised, then this is a reliable method of passing the test. If there is strict supervision, then you are out of luck.

Stock up on powdered Urine

If you got no choice of detoxing your system naturally, then going with the powdered urine is your best bet. You can quickly get your hand on some of the best quality powdered urine online and take that to your drug test. Powdered urine is prepared from genuine urine by hydrating it so there is no way that anyone can spot it as a fake. Similar to the method mentioned above, you only need to prepare the powdered urine 45 minutes before the drug test and exchange it from your urine, and you are all set to pass the test. Now a days various test kits are popular for various things like clear blue pregnancy test kits are very best kit to check women’s pregnancy with almost 100% accurate results.

These methods are pretty popular, but they do not work so stay clear from using these:

  • Vinegar
  • Cranberry juice
  • Creatine
  • Bleach (it can actually kill you!)
  • Goldenseal
  • Zinc
  • Niacin

So out of all of the methods mentioned above the best one is the powdered urine one if you do not have enough time but if you got more than a month’s time on your hand then consider detoxifying your body in the natural way.

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