Why Companies Conduct Drug Tests [Tested Solutions to Avoid]

A lot of companies conduct drug test along with their usual screening process during the recruitment process to determine if job applicants are using drugs. Drug testing can identify evidence of recent utilization of prescription drugs, alcohol, and illicit drugs. As of right now, this process doesn’t check whether the concerned individual’s behavior is, or was, affected by the use of drugs.

Since drug and alcohol abuse can make significant health and safety issues and can ultimately result in less productivity and poor morale employee. It could also lead to extra expenses in the form of health care claims; it becomes necessary for companies to conduct a drug test.

drug testing in the workplace

Aside from above-mentioned aspects here are few other reasons why companies conduct such tests:

  • Prevent employees from further use of drugs and alcohol
  • To not hire individuals using illicit drugs
  • To be able to find out employees having any drug and alcohol issues and help them resolve these issues
  • Provide a safe workplace for employees
  • To ensure a safe working place for employees
  • To safeguard the confidence of their clients and the general public that their employees are working safely
  • To comply with federal regulations or state laws

Drug testing works perfectly when it is conducted in accordance with pre employment drug testing laws because every applicant is well-aware of such laws. Applicants for a job might have to submit alcohol and drug screening as a part of the application procedure.

Here is a list of different types of drug test methods used by companies

There’re several different bodily fluids and specimen which can be utilized to detect evidence of any recent drug use. Although different state laws clearly specify which types of drug tests for employment are to be used, a number of choices are technologically feasible. According to the SAMHSA’s guidelines, for detecting the use of illicit drugs Urine specimen is commonly used, and for alcohol, Drug abuse breath is the most common specimen, following DOT’s guidelines.

Here is some additional information regarding these two methods of pre employment drug screening:

Urine: Through urine test, the absence or presence of any kind of illicit drug metabolites in the concerned person’s urine is known. Drug metabolites are the residual of drug which remains in the user’s body even after the effects of the drug are gone. It is important to mention that a positive urine test doesn’t actually mean a person was under the effect of any drug during the test. Rather, it measures and detects the use of any sort of drug in last few days and since alcohol is something that passes through our body pretty quickly this test must conduct quickly after the consumption of such drug to make sure the results are accurate. This is the reason why, a Urine test is not that helpful in finding out the alcohol traces but it is a great tool for checking the use of prescription and illicit drug use, which are easily traceable for urine samples.

  • Breath: For finding out the alcohol level present in the blood the breath drug test is most commonly utilized not only in drug testing in the workplace but also in several other sectors. In the breath test person who is being tested is asked to blow in the testing device, and then that device show results in numbers, called (BAC) Blood Alcohol Concentration, which tells the exact level of alcohol in the blood at the time of the test. The levels of BAC have been linked with impairment; the legal limit of alcohol in the body is 0.08 for driving which is applicable in almost all states.

Aside from these two methods, there are several other methods of drug testing which are not that often utilized by the companies such as Drug test through blood, Drug test through hair, drug test through sweat, and drug test through oral fluids.

As already mentioned above conducting drug test is vital for the proper functioning of any company, if the human resource aspect of any company is not that efficient then it can easily hamper the success and working of any organization that is why a lot of companies these days conduct drug test at the time of their recruitment process.

There are various products like real powdered urine are generally use to passed these tests.

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