Test Clear Powdered Urine Kit Review-Short Notice Urine Drug Test[Secrets]

This test clear powder urine kit have amazing results as per thousands of reviews using same products. You can too get dehydrated urine drug test to pass any urine drug test. If you are really on short notice for employee drug testing you must read below to find out the solution within 24 hr.

Being an employee, one can be subjected to Urine Drug test any week by the employer just to be the best as well as the most suitable candidate for the organization. This will not be a tough obstacle for the persons who are far away from drugs in their past. But if you have consumed any kinds of drugs in your spare time in your past.

Then you are certainly not going to pass the urine drug test. However, the products of test clear powdered urine kit can help you to pass the test with a wide range of products available in it.

Detox yourself naturally with testclear

Powdered Urine is one such most effective product which guarantees to help the employees pass the Urine Drug Test like a normal person without leaving any kind of traces of drugs in their body.



All about Powdered Urine

            As per the name itself, the powdered Urine means that it is dehydrated and will be in the form of powder in the packet. Experts make it go through a series of procedure in the lab to make the urine turn into powder. On the other hand, this powdered urine is totally safe to use and also beneficial to the people who should rely on their job at any cost and continue in their post in the future.

            The dehydrated urine in the packet is 100% human urine containing equal composition and contents which are similar to the real human urine. With this powder, not only your employer but also any kind of official tests such as military and court which are a bit risky can also be passed easily.



Use of Synthetic Powdered Urine

            Most people go into a state of dilemma when it comes to urine drug tests as traces from the medical drugs or drugs related to some major kind of health issues can also be detected by those series of tests. All these reasons can be a tough obstacle for all such people to acquire their dream job or getting insurances and many other purposes too.

Powdered urine kit from Test clear

            With this kit, one can be ensured of passing the urine drug test and get a peace of mind before the drug test instead of getting stressed and pressurized. The reason for the Test clear being the most preferred urine kit is that it has been rated the best in the industry as the best synthetic urine kit till date.


TestClear Powdered Urine kit Product details:

            With the 100% guarantee to pass any kind of urine drug test, it is sure that one could easily rely on it but the details of the products that are offered in the kit will provide a brief idea on the packet that you are buying for the critical reasons in your life that are worth your career.

Products that come with the kit are

  1. A vial which will contain the original synthetic powdered urine that will be the 100% same as the real human urine.
  2. There will be a strip to measure the temperature which will be attached to the vial of 50ml.
  3. A plastic made medical transport vial that will have a blue lid.
  4. Two air-activated heaters which are sealed in a plastic package is also available in the packet.

The dehydrated human urine for a urine drug test for sale

            Don’t get ensured by the claims passed on by the company, the reviews made by past users says it all with tons of positive feedbacks and praises.  Moreover, one can get 10% off instantly with the totally transparent powdered urine kit which has the expected potential to pass any kind of urine drug tests.

            The best thing about buying the kit from Test clear is that one can customize the order in the way that is preferred such as adding more heaters, water vials or the strip which acts as the digital thermometer. Use the referral codes to get additional rate cutters from different sites available with the Test Clear kits.

Instructions to pass the urine drug tests by using Test clear powder urine kit

            Besides knowing the product details, one should also know how to use the products available in the kit that is bought from the website or the market.

These instructions should be followed by every user: –

  • One can find the dehydrated urine in a vial which should be poured into a large tube.
  • Added water to the tube containing powdered urine, tighten the blue lid and shake the liquid until the powder seems to be completely dissolved in the water.
  • Open the air-activated heater, peel the paper off it and stick the paper to the opposite of temperature strip to make it work properly by giving accurate temperature readings.
  • Verification of temperature is a must before you use as it should meet the guidelines from all aspects to pass a urine drug test.


Do’s and Don’ts for the Synthetic Powdered Urine

            One could probably have tons of questions in mind before attempting to use the powdered urine kit in the drug tests. Getting a proper answer for all those queries is highly essential as any kind of wrong procedure can mess everything in the real-time urine drug test.

  • It is better to call or email the experts of TestClear if anything regarding the products is not sure in your mind. If you attempt for the thing without having clarity then it can lead to adverse outcomes.
  • One should make sure that the temperature of the urine is between 90 and 99 as out of these temperatures may cause invalidation.
  • Warm water is not essentially required for preparing the powdered urine and just the room temperature can make it all perfect for you with the heater having that brings the precise temperature of the liquid.
  • A temperature strip is the most important component of the kit and any kind of misleading readings on the strip can point towards overheating or cold.
  • One must have some patience until the urine comes to the required temperature if it is too cold but if it is overheated then opening the cap of the tube and letting the air in can work the best for the real-time applications.
  • Make sure that the heater is not kept too close to the strip as the strip may start to measure the temperature of the heater other than the liquid. Adhesive tapes can be productive in such cases to provide accurate readings.
  • One shouldn’t take the heater from the tube unless the precise temperature is not set in the tube, which is 90 to 99.
  • Heaters can be used only once for a liquid and extra requirement of the sample which is more than 50ml could be helped with an extra sample up to 75ml.
  • One can hide it under briefs while going for the test to the toilet.
  • Extra heaters while going for a drug test is always helpful as some drug tests can be delayed.
  • Adding extra products to the cart such as extra heaters, extra thermometers can also be productive many times.

Reviews and Ratings of the TestClear Powdered Urine kit

            Reviews from the past buyers can make the choice of TestClear products even easier from all perspectives.

Positive review

            I was struggling a lot to find a government job to rely upon, but the drug tests were announced just before the recruitment which became the toughest obstacle for me.  While using the powdered urine, the heater took up to an hour to maintain the precise temperature range. I hid the sample in my briefs and replaced it with my urine. In my past, I have consumed drugs as well as smoked weeds which could be surely traced by the tests but with TestClear, I passed from the drug test without any inconvenience.

Negative review

            While I experimented the sample I got perfect outcome, but white flake in the sample appeared suddenly while mixing the urine with it. However, I discovered this before the test and stayed in a safe zone while trying it in real-time drug test.

Bottom line

            Your review on the powdered urine kit and how you used it in the drug test could be helpful for others so mention your experience in our review section.

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